balapan railway station

Balapan Railway Station Landmark Of Solo

“Stasiun Balapan Solo, kota solo sing dadi kenangan kowe karo aku” at least you’ve heard a piece of this song, the song was created by the mixed maestro Didi Kempot which tells the story of the separation of a love life at this legendary Station. Balapan Railway Station is the oldest station in Indonesia and is the largest station in Solo and become a landmark of this city. This station was founded in 1873 in the colonial era. The construction of this station began during the Mangkunegaraan Government IV. Located right in the Kestalan and Gilingan Villages, Banjarsari, Solo City. This station is in the railway line that connects the cities of Bandung, Jakarta, Surabaya, and Semarang. Named the Balapan station starts from a story. Formerly this station was the square north of the Keraton Mangkunegaraan. Inside the square, there is a racing race place, balapan is a javanese languange meaning racing in english. During the 19th century when Dutch colonialism made changes to rural patterns into urban patterns, it was also a change in the means of rail transportation. At that time the Dutch colonial planning the construction of a railroad linking Solo and Semarang, so that Solo was required to have a train station, and the racetrack area was the most strategic location for the train station to make. And finally, the horse racing area was changed to a train station which was later retained.

There are 2 emplacements in this station, namely the northern station which is further divided into 7 lines while the southern emplacements are divided into 5 lanes. The southern Emplacement is used for passenger train services and the northern emplacement is used as a freight train line. On the east side of the station, there is an inverted triangle. The inverting triangle makes the whole train turn around with the alert system. The sides of this triangle allow trains coming from the east and the direction of the Jebres station to go north without having to pass the Balapan station first. There is a Pertamina BBM Depot in the entrance rail which is still part of the side of the inverting triangle. The race station has an important role as an advance in the city of Solo industry. in the 20th century, thanks to the Balapan station, the city of Solo was dubbed the Solo Heart of Java. This term means that on train transportation routes, all passengers from Batavia, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, and Semarang must stop at the Balapan railway Station first. In the lobby part of the station was beautified by a reliable architect named Thomas Karsten by combining Western and Eastern elements. The roof of the building from the Balapan station uses a zinc cover made of three layers of steel which makes it a very sturdy canopy. Until now the Solo Balapan railway station is still maintained because it is one of the cultural reserves of the city of Solo. Improvements continue to be made in efforts to preserve this place. All executive or business train trips from Solo to various cities in Java must stop at this Station. If you plan to visit Solo by train, we from Wisatasolo.ID can pick up at Solo Balapan Station. Rental WisataSolo 0818186285 provides Solo car rental and rent Solo motorbikes at the best prices, as well as tour packages around Solo.

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