Enjoy the typical Solo Liwet Rice

If you visit the city of Solo, don’t miss tasting Solo’s special food, Sego Liwet, which means Rice Liwet. Liwet Rice Solo is a kind of cooking in the form of rice which before cooking in steaming, first the rice is cooked half-cooked with coconut milk. It may sound similar to nasi uduk, but believe in terms of presentation it is very different. Solo Liwet rice is usually served with areh chicken, squash vegetable and pindang eggs. The composition is as follows, for making nasi liwet it takes rice, coconut milk, bay leaves, crushed lemongrass, and salt. As for the areh chicken, the ingredients needed are free-range chicken, fine coriander, brown sugar, coconut water, salt and bay leaves, coconut milk. Then for the pumpkin vegetable seasoning is pumpkin siam, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, bay leaves, coconut milk, salt and sugar. The ingredients for pindang eggs are eggs, bay leaves, galangal, red onion skin, water, and salt. Solo liwet rice is usually served in the form of liwet rice, flushed with side dishes in the form of squash vegetables, fried liver sauce, then added with areh chicken and if you like it can be added with pindang eggs, fermented tamarind, and fried foods.

There are a number of places that can be used as references to enjoy typical Solo Liwet rice. Well below are some recommended places:

  • First, Wongso Lemu’s liwet rice. This one liwet rice is considered the oldest and most famous in Solo. This liwet rice stall is located on Teuku Umar street in the east Keprabon area of ​​the Mangkunegaraan Palace, precisely in front of the Solo Muhamammadiyah Hall. There are many lined up liwet rice stalls, this is somewhat confusing for those of us who want to choose which are the original liwet rice stalls. But take it easy, because all the Wongso Lemu rice stalls here are both delicious. One characteristic of the Wongso Lemu warung is that customers will be accompanied by sinden who sing Javanese songs. This stall is open from late afternoon to evening.
  • Second, Bu Sarmi’s rice liwet. It is located in the Lojiwetan area of ​​Kapten Mulyadi street, precisely in the east of the former bull or east of the Telkom office. Every night the shop is crowded by liwet rice lovers.
  • Third, Mbok Mami’s liwet rice stall, this shop is only open at 10 pm until the merchandise runs out, sometimes it can be until 2 or 3 in the morning. Rice Liwet Mbok Mami is located in the eastern area of ​​Bangjo near the red lights of Jongke, the city of Solo.

In addition to the above places, there are many sellers of street vendors, in the morning along RE Martadinata, Urip Sumoharjo, and around the Balapan Railway Station. If at night you still want to enjoy liwet rice, you can go around Solo Baru, which is lined with liwet rice traders, while enjoying the Solo night air and eating delicious Liwet rice at affordable prices. Let’s go to Solo with WisataSolo car rental 0818186285.

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