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History Of Solo City Indonesia

Talking about the city of Solo today cannot be separated from the history of the establishment of the city of Solo in the past. Solo is a city in Central Java where the population is quite dense. Before being named Solo, the beginning of the name of this city was Surakarta. Although even now the name Surakarta is still often used but somewhat less popular with the mention of the name Solo by the community. The northern part of Solo is bordered by Karanganyar and Boyolali Regencies, while in the east and west it borders on Karanganyar and Sukoharjo Regencies, and in the south, it also borders Sukoharjo.

The origin of the city of Solo began with the Kartasura Palace which suffered severe damage due to the war between PB II and Sunan Kuning in 1742, which is better known as Chinatown. Since it was badly damaged PB II has appointed prisoners to find a place to become the center of the new royal government. The prisoners traveled and found three candidate villages, namely Kadipala Village, Sala Village, and Sana Sewu Village, then agreed to transfer the kingdom to Sala Village. Sala village began to become crowded and became a city around 1745 since the center of government moved from Kartasura to Sala which is now referred to as the Surakarta Hadiningrat Palace. Sala village began in the village where a Kyai named Sala lived and also in this swampy village overgrown with sala or indigo trees. The reason why it is now called Solo and not Sala is because of the mistakes of the Europeans in mentioning the name of this city. Their tongues are hard to say Sala, so they call it Solo. Well, because of this habit, people in Indonesia also followed the custom and called Sala with Solo. Although the official name of this city is Surakarta, people really prefer to call it Solo. And the name Solo is said to be more selling in terms of marketing. The name Surakarta was declared by PB II, this can be seen in the evidence of inscriptions which still exist today.

Solo is a big city in the past because it was the Capital of the Javanese Kingdom before this Kingdom broke into 4 due to the deception of the VOC. In solos, you can easily find magnificent colonial-style buildings, large gardens, Javanese traditional traditions that are still maintained today. The movement of youth in the pre-independence era began from Solo, such as Sarekat Islam, Budi Utomo, which had a real contribution to Indonesia.

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