nasi liwet yu sani

Nasi Liwet Yu Sani Solo Best Local Culinary

One of the original culinary Solo that has been famous throughout Indonesia is Nasi Liwet. Rice which is cooked in the process of adding coconut milk and warmly served with pumpkin vegetables and areh. Areh itself is thickened coconut milk, so it will add a savory flavor to the rice served. In Solo, you can enjoy this menu as breakfast or dinner, the price of liwet rice sold in the morning is much cheaper than at night considering the audience in the morning are residents who live in Solo. When night one of the places to eat liwet rice that we recommend is Nasi Liwet Yu Sani. This rice stall has three branches, one in Veteran which is closer to Solo City and two more branches located in the adjacent Solo Baru. The new Solo branch is located at the end of the shop, from the direction of The Park Mall you take it straight towards the Red Light of the Pandawa Statue, then turn left and follow the path to the end of the shop. If you have seen a parked car lined up in front of two tent stalls, then you have arrived.

Warung nasi liwet Yu Sani, although it stands on the sidewalk but is quite clean, provides a bench area for sitting and a dining area. Once you park your vehicle in front of the tent shop, the savory aroma of coconut milk from nasi liwet has burst out. The standard menu is nasih liwet, pumpkin vegetable plus chili, areh and shredded chicken, the first spoon has a savory taste, fluffier and tender accompanied by soft shredded chicken. If you feel less with shredded chicken, you can ask for chicken pieces, ati ampela, egg or uritan, uritan is the ovary, the young egg will be inside the hen. To enjoy the delicacy of this Yu Sani Liwet Rice, you do not need to reach inside the bag, Suwir Chicken Liwet Rice. chicken eggs and thick sweet tea damage amounting to Rp. 20,000. Let’s go to Solo with WisataSolo.ID car rental 0818186285, and get the best prices for car and motorbike and feel the best culinary experience.

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