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Pura Pasek Solo Raya Hindu’s Temple

Not many people know that in Karanganyar Regency there is a temple building for a place of worship for Hindus called Pura Pasek. This is natural because this temple is not intended as a commercial tourist destination but may be visited by anyone. So maybe more precisely Pura Pasek is suitable if it is called a spiritual tour, right for visitors who are looking for tranquility or meditating here. Although not commercialized, this Pasekan temple may be visited by the general public, provided it does not interfere when Hindus perform worship in this temple. This place is also very good as a photo spot.

On the slopes of Mount Lawu, precisely in Pasekan Hamlet, Keprabon Village, Karangpandan Subdistrict, there is a Hindu place of worship, the Pemacekan Temple. This location was originally a commentary from community and religious leaders in the past. According to the Pura Pemacekan stakeholder, Nyoman Sukadana, after an overhaul of the physical facilities at the temple, finally on February 11, 2005 the temple was officially under the auspices of Maha Gotra Pasek Sanak Sapta Rsi (MGPSSR), one of the organizations that housed the ancestral temple. “Finally a committee consisting of people in Karanganyar, Surakarta, Pasek, Bali and Java was formed,” said Nyoman. The second area is Bale Banjar which is usually used by Hindus to hold social activities, gatherings and also to hold Wilujeng Sura for residents of Pasekan Hamlet. The last area is the Beji Area or the park. “With the existence of Beji, the facilities for the Campaign Temple are increasingly complete. The hope is to provide comfort for the people, especially inner comfort, “said Nyoman. But more importantly, that can foster awareness to always be together in maintaining and caring for the temple. Because the temple was built from the beginning together. It does not rule out the possibility, added Nyoman, the Pura Pemacekan can be an Ashram or dukuh like in the past. Even in front of the temple can become a Hindu Center, because since the Javanese kingdom, both Singasari, Daha, Kediri and Majapahit, the Mpu of Sapta Pandita descendants have always been teachers who taught the Dharma in those kingdoms. You can get here using Wisatasolo.ID motorbike & car rental fleet 0818186285 get the best price. 

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