menara sanggabuana

Sanggabuana Tower Solo Kasunanan Palace

Sanggabuana Tower is the tallest building among other buildings in the Solo Kasunanan Palace area. In bahasa we call tower, menara. Menara Sanggabuana is a building that stood when the leadership of Sri Susuhan Paku Buwono II in 1782 AD. The year of making the tower was marked by the milir of Naga Muluk Tinitihan Janma, which meant the building was founded in 1782 AD or 1708 Javanese calendars. Milirs are deliberately created as a palace tradition to always remind the establishment of a building that was erected in the palace area.

At the top of the tower, which looks like a round hat, there is one dragon ornament that uses a crown driven by humans who are archery. This form of decoration is not merely an ornament because it has the meaning of a forecast for Indonesia’s independence which is predicted to be independent in 1945 but this is very kept secret from the invaders because it will cause danger if they find out. Dragons are interpreted as commoners and the crown is power, power is in the people. Humans drive it with archery position means that people are ready to let go of the target, when exactly the power is in the hands of the people. In addition, another function is to find out the direction of the wind and the pole at its peak is used for lightning rods. Menara Sanggabuana is about 30 meters high, with level 4.

On the third level there is a large clock that faces north and can sound itself. Whereas at the highest level it is used as a place of meditation, offerings, places where the kings interact with Ratu Kidul, and also as a place to monitor the condition of the city of Solo. In the Solo community there is a belief that all buildings in the city of Solo should not exceed the height of the Sanggabuana tower because they respect the king and believe in the activities that occur on the tower and if they violate this belief something unexpected will happen

The Solo Sanggabuana tower is believed to be indeed the meeting place of the Solo kings with the Queen of South. This is not without reason, because Menara Sanggabuana is exactly in line with the exit from Solo to Wonogiri. It is said that the Queen of South said he came from the South. Although it had been burned in 1954, it was rebuilt in 1959. Before it burned, the roof shape of the tower was named after the lid, because the roof was octagonal. But after rebuilding the roof was shaped like an umbrella that was open.

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