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Sangiran Museum Homeland Of Java Man

Besides culinary tourism, tradition and batik Solo Raya also has an ancient museum that holds ancient human skeletons, this museum is called The Sangiran Museum. This place is a vacation choice that provides fun education for children and adults about early human civilization along with animals that once inhabited the Solo Bengawan valley in the past. This museum was built in 1980 with an area of ​​1000 m2. In 1930-1975 many ancient human fossils were found in Sangiran, so many tourists visited Sangiran and after that came the idea of ​​building an ancient museum of Sangiran. This museum is the most complete in Java and in buildings and supporting facilities is very good. Many researchers carry out research such as Anthropology, Archeology, Geology, Paleoanthropology.

The first fossil found in this museum is the fossil Phitecantropus Erectus, and the discovery of footprints that are 2 million years old that can still be found in this museum. When we first enter the Sangiran museum, we will be shown by human dioramas ranging from farming, foraging, and chatting with families. Some of the fossils in this museum are only replicas because the original ones are in the Bandung and Yogyakarta Geology museum for research activities. Because some are only replicas so visitors can touch the replica. The design of the room in the Sangiran museum is in the form of joglo, which consists of several rooms, namely: hall, laboratory, library, audio visual room which is a place for prehistoric human film screenings, storage warehouses, mosques, toilets and parking areas. Ancient human fossils here are neatly arranged with a collection of more than thirteen thousand collections. Among other things there are fossils of elephants, buffaloes, rhinos, tigers, pigs, rhinos, cows, bulls, deer and sheep. There are also marine animals such as crocodiles, fish, crabs, shark teeth, hippos, mollusks, there are also fossil rocks, stone artifacts including flakes and blades, drawstring and drug, square axes, stone balls, axes. This museum is also set by UNESCO as a World Heritage. Sangiran Museum is located in Kalijambe District, Sragen Regency, Central Java. To go to this museum, more or less 1 hour if we are from Solo.

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