Sekaten 2016 Traditional Javanese Ceremony

Sekaten is a tradition of the Surakarta Palace to commemorate the birth of Prophet Muhammad. Sekaten comes from Arabic Syahadatain, this event is very closely related to the spread of Islam in the city of Solo. Ceremony is usually held at 5 Rabiul Awal or in Javanese Mulud for about one month. During that time at the Keraton Grand Mosque played by the strains of gamelan. Gamelan was prayed before and then played from morning to evening. In the palace tradition, the night market is usually held during the Sekaten event in order to enliven the atmosphere of this ceremony. This night market is usually located in the North Square of the Solo Palace when before Pasar Klewer caught fire, since Pasar Klewer caught fire and the North Alun Square was used as a temporary shelter. Traders night market were moved around the Vastenburg Beteng and North Alun Alun the schedule itself is as follows:

Maleman Sekaten North Square ( Alun Alun Utara)

1-17 December 2016 at Lor Square

Maleman Sekaten Fort Vastenburg

December 7-25 2016 at Vastenburg Fortress

Jamasan Kagungandalem Nyai Setomi in Sitihinggil Lor

December 4, 2016 at 09.00 WIB

The opening of the Sekaten Traditional Ceremony

December 5, 2016, at 12.00 WIB in the Grand Mosque of Kangungandalem

Sekaten Gamelan

5 – 11 December 2016 at the Grand Mosque

Gunungan Procession Grebeg Mulud JE 1950

December 12, 2016, at 10:00 WIB on the Grnd Mosque 

For those of you who are in Solo or stay in Solo, you can visit the this ceremony Keraton Solo 2016 and are busy watching and enjoying the atmosphere. Here you can find various kinds of traditional foods that are rarely found in various jenang, tahu petis, sekaten special fries are available in full, various kinds of traditional toys typical of the night market crowd, handlebars, Banyu waves, lala windmills, ghost houses and so on , here you also find toys from the past such as otok otok boats, cooking cooking toys from clay, toad frogs and various forms of piggy banks that will bring you back to your childhood memories. Come to Solo with wisatasolo.ID car rental 0818186285 and enjoy this 2016 sekaten event.

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