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Cheap Solo Motorcycle Rental Service

You Need a cheap Motorbike in Solo but the condition of the motorbike is convenient for exploring Solo tourist attractions and sightseeing in Solo City? We WisataSolo Motorbike Rental , provide motorcycle rental services in Solo for tourism purposes as well as a means of transportation to support your activities while in the city of Solo, recommendations for good places to eat, batik shopping or browse various souvenirs of Solo.

Solo Motorbike Rental

Trusted Motorbike Rental at Low Prices

Our motorbike rental service uses a matic motorcycle fleet, with clean and well-maintained conditions to be rented to you at a low price.
We have a myriad of reasons for you to choose us as a trusted motorcycle rental partner.

1. The condition of the motorbike is prime, clean and comfortable

Healthy motor conditions and regular service make the motorbike always prime and comfortable to drive. Supported by routine body treatments that make the fleet always clean and nice to see.

2. Variants of matic and full injection motorcycles

With a fleet of full injection matic motors, it results in the efficiency, comfort and agility of driving.

3. Save BBM 

4-stroke motorcycle fleet with routine maintenance makes every fleet economical fuel and good to drive.

4. Free shuttle within the city of Solo 

Free shuttle for units within Solo for 06:30 to 23:00. Until midnight or early morning we will deliver and pick up during booking and agree with additional delivery fees.

5. Cheap motorbike rental prices in Solo and surrounding areas

Rational motorbike rental prices with packages starting 12 hours and 24 hours, so it can be tailored to your needs. Get special discounts for usage of more than 4 days

6. Helmet and coat facilities

Includes two helmets and raincoats without additional costs.

Solo Motorbike Rental Rates

Matic Motor

Matic Motor

Rp 50.000

12 hour motorcycle rental



Matic Motor 125cc

Matic Motor 125cc

Rp 60.000

12 hour motorcycle rental



Matic Matic

Matic Matic

Rp 80.000

24 hour motorcycle rental



Motor Matic 125cc

Motor Matic 125cc

Rp 90.000

24 hour motorcycle rental



Solo Motorbike Rental Requirements

For Tourists or Solo Residents
Rental fees are paid in front, at the time of handover of the vehicle
Tenants must have a SIM C (driving license) and be shown to our officers
Rental time is calculated 12 and 24 hours, excess hours are calculated at Rp 10,000 per hour, excess 5 hours will count 12 or 24 hours and are paid when returning the vehicle unit
The tenant submits 2 (two) original identity files that are used as collateral, and will be returned after the lease period is complete, the type of guarantee that can be chosen:
• Electronic KTP (Required)
• Personal STNK
• Passport
• Marriage certificate
• KK
• Employee Cards, KTM, BPJS, Insurance
Last motorbike return at 23:00

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