soto trisakti solo

Soto Trisakti Solo Breakfast Choice

Soto Trisakti Solo is one of the typical Solo meat Soto culinary that carries clear and savory gravy. The location of this Soto is in the area of ​Jl Kalilarangan in line with the center of Solo souvenirs. Soto Trisakti Solo is the first time to open a street vendor that is attached to the Trisakti Solo Cinema. When the cinema closed and the Warung Soto moves, the location is still popular with the name Soto Trisakti Solo. As with other Soto Daging in Solo, the presentation of soto and rice is mixed in one bowl, if you want a solopisah soto trisakti between Rice and Gravy Soto don’t forget to order from the beginning. Presentation in a bowl that has been prepared and filled with rice, sprinkled with sprouts and celery. When you order, the seller only needs to add four to five slices of meat, then pour the clear broth that tastes fresh and delicious plus a sprinkling of fried onions before serving. Get to your table with a thin, hot steam that creates a delicious aroma that arouses your appetite. Very fitting to be used as a breakfast menu which is not too large in portions. This Soto Trisakti Solo is best visited at breakfast or lunchtime.

Like Soto beef or other chicken in Solo, here are provided various side dishes of innards, soft tripe, intestines, until fried tofu or tempeh that tastes distinctive. Those who can ask for sliced ​​slices are then added to your Soto bowl. Soto Trisakti Solo started selling since 1962 and through generations, it is not surprising that visitors are old visitors who have memories with this Soto or even through their childhood enjoying the delights of Soto Trisakti Solo with loved ones. Rental WisataSolo 0818186285 provides Solo car rental and Solo motorbike rental at the best prices and services. WisataSolo.ID also provides tour and tour packages around Solo exploring natural resources, culture, batik, temples and of course culinary that you don’t find in other cities.

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