soto triwindu solo

Soto Triwindu Solo Traditional Indonesia Soup

Soto as one of the most popular foods in Indonesia has many variants almost every region in Indonesia has a type of Soto. Solo as a culinary warehouse certainly has various types of Soto. Maybe you have heard about Soto Kwali Solo where Soto is cooked in a large kwali made of clay which according to believe will make Soto taste more delicious. Soto Triwindu Solo is one of the Soto Solo schools that uses clay for cooking Soto, this Soto itself is very famous in Solo, just imagine the business of selling Soto has been done since 1939 and still continues to sell Soto until now. This Soto Triwindu delicacy has been recognized and passed through many generations. At first, this Soto was in the Triwindu antiques market area, when the Triwindu antique market in Soto was rebuilt to the Keprabon area and was positioned behind the antique market.

Soto Triwindu, as well as Soto Solo, adheres to the flow of clear soup with very tender slices of beef with a few sprouts and celery slices and fried shallots as a topping. Also equipped with a variety of additional side dishes that can be enjoyed directly by visitors, which is unique here the side dishes are located on a specially designed table such as a small display case that protects side dishes from dust or flies. The side dish itself consists of a typical Solo fried tempe that tastes crunchy and delicious, soft fried tofu from tofu choices, fried tripe that can be requested cut into small pieces and tastes tender, quail satay which is seasoned with tempting, solo sausage though named sausage but different forms with sausages that we usually know. Soto Triwindu is located on Jl Teuku Umar Keprabon Solo, its position from the direction of Slamet Riyadi is on the left side of the road not right on the side of the road rather entering a little about 50 meters. Come to Solo with Wisatasolo.ID rental 0818186285 and get the best culinary experience.

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