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Sukuh Temple A Mystical And Beautiful Heritage

When you are satisfied with visiting Cetho Temple, it doesn’t feel complete if you don’t visit Sukuh Temple. One of the temples also in Central Java is also a relic of Hinduism. In the mid-15th century the Majapahit Kingdom suffered a setback due to the entry of Islam. Then at that time the Majapahit ruler established the Sukuh Temple as a sacred place to worship ancestral spirits and as a symbol of fertility. So do not be surprised if in this temple found a lot of linga and yoni relief which is a symbol of male and female genitals. Sukuh temple is different from most Hindu religious temples which usually face the rising sun. Rather it faces west. In addition, the shape of the building is also more like a Mayan building in South America that resembles a truncated pyramid surrounded by monoliths and large statues. The shape of the Sukuh temple building is more like a trapezoid with three terraces with one staircase in the center of the front side of the temple.

When entering the main door of the temple area that is through a large gate, we will be invited to see the typical architectural forms arranged perpendicular but rather tilted. The stones in the temple are somewhat reddish because these stones are andesite stones. On the first terrace there is a gate that has a sangkala in Javanese which reads “the blind gate of abara wong” meaning the gate of the giant preys on humans. Then on the second terrace is a bit damaged, on the right and left of the gate there is usually a doorkeeper statue but now the situation is a little damaged and the shape is also not clear anymore. On this second terrace there are many statues and there are occasional candras in Javanese “Gajah wiku anahut buntut” meaning the elephant priest biting the tail. Then on the third terrace of the sukuh temple there is a large courtyard with a main temple and some reliefs on the left and statues on the right.

If you want to see the sacred parent, visitors must first pass through the previous terrace with a narrow hallway. This main temple is in the form of a vagina and it is said that it is intended to test the virginity of girls. If the girl who climbs is a virgin then it will be fine. Meanwhile, if the climbing girl is not virgin, the cloth she uses will be torn and loose. In addition to the temple there are also Bima reliefs forging kris with Ganesha and Arjuna, there are also reliefs of Dewi Kala and others. To get to this temple can use the WisataSolo.ID 0818186285 rental car fleet or WisataSolo motorbike rental.

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