tahura mangkunagoro

Tahura Mangkunagoro Nature Park In Solo Raya

Tahura Mangkunagoro I is one of the Nature Tourism destinations around Solo Raya. For those of you who like to take a nature tour in Solo Raya, it might be worth trying here, to the K.G.P.A.A MANGKUNAGORO I Community Forest Park or more familiarly known as Tahura Karanganyar. Located in the foot of Mount Lawu, the exact location of the Tahura is in Berjo Village, Ngargoyoso District, Karanganyar Regency. Tahura is right behind Sukuh Temple. Entering Tahura you are immediately greeted by trees underneath which are overgrown with green grass. The Mangkunegoro I Karanganyar Tahura has 2 functions, namely as a tourist forest and a research forest. Here there are several tourist facilities that can be chosen. There is Cemara Bulus, a turtle statue that is closely related to ancient sites, some say that pine cones are magical portal sites leading to the peak of Lawu. Here we can see the statue directly. There is also a Sendang Raja which is a spring found by the manager of the Community Forest Park. Then there is the Parang Ijo Waterfall which is very famous for its beautiful gardens, wind caves, Japanese caves, and the peak of Mount Lawu. So even from the Mangkunegoro I Tahura we can go to the summit of Mount Lawu, but the path is quite steep because there is no hiking trail here. Children’s playgrounds are here while learning about nature, children can also enjoy playground facilities in nature such as swings, flying fox, and gazebos that are tailored to the size of children.

Here is also often used as a Camping Ground arena, Camping arena is usually used for Camping families and their children. Because the arena is very green lawn, so children can freely play football or play bicycles here. More than that there is one more interesting facility provided here. That is a mini zoo which contains 34 species of rare animals. One popular animal is Timor Deer, which is often a means of learning for children and adults to get to know animals. While for public facilities available are Guest House, Mosque, Hall, MCK, rental of camping equipment, and rental of villas. WisataSolo.ID 0818186285 car rental and motorbike rental provides vehicles that you can use to visit here with a well-maintained and healthy fleet.

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