telaga sarangan

Telaga Sarangan A Beautiful Lake

One more tourist attraction located at the foot of the slopes of Mount Lawu, namely Telaga Sarangan. This lake is a natural tourist attraction located in Magetan Regency, the east side of Mount Lawu from Solo takes 1.5 to 2 hours travel time, passing a smooth winding road which on the left is filled with vegetable plants which are then followed by pine forests with a view that beautiful and cool mountain air. Telaga Sarangan is often also called Telaga Pasir, Telaga has a depth of about 28 meters with an area of ​​30 hectares. There is a story behind the formation of this lake that is said to be before becoming a lake this place is a fertile land. Then there is a married couple who are old, they live and grow crops here. One day the husband wanted to cut wood in the forest and found an egg near the tree to be cut down. After that the husband took the egg and gave the wife an egg to eat. After eating, the husband returned to forest to cut down the tree but suddenly the husband felt the heat then fell rolling to the ground and turned into a dragon, then the wife followed into the forest and she also turned into a dragon. Told the friction of the bodies of the two dragons forming a basin that emits natural water sources which are now known as Telaga Sarangan.

Entering this area, our eyes will be treated to a view of a hill overgrown with tall and green trees against the background of Mount Lawu. This place is highly recommended for those of you who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of urban hustle and bustle. The air here is also clean and cool and the natural atmosphere is calm, making us more relaxed. There are many pine trees in the lake area so that those of us who like adventure can try to explore this pine forest.

In addition, facilities are also provided to surround the lake such as water boats, speed boats, and water rickshaws. To be more exciting, there are two ways to enjoy the beauty of Sarangan lake, namely first by exploring the lake using a high-speed water boat which is a facility here, then the second you can choose a horse as a vehicle to get around the lake. Rates for riding or speedboat one round Rp. 60,000, if you take the Rp. 150,000 package, you will get three rounds. Really this makes Sarangan Lake never loses its interest. Especially when the holiday season arrives, when entering the lake area you will find many souvenir traders, traders of fresh vegetables and fruits grown in the mountains of Lawu. In addition to enjoying the lake by surrounding it, you can also pamper your tongue and stomach in food stalls available there. There are many stalls with the concept of lesehan (Sitting down on the ground) around Telaga Sarangan. The favuorite menu in this place is rabbit satay, in the lake area there are also many lodging places such as star hotels, tourist huts and even camping ground for camping. So you don’t need to worry if you want to stay there. Wisatasolo.ID Rental 0818186285 provides Solo car rental and Solo motorbike rental which will take you to enjoy the beauty of Sarangan lake. Rental WisataSolo also provides tour packages around Solo.

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