tengkleng bu edi solo

Tengkleng Bu Edi Solo Best Goat Culinary

Tengkleng is processed goat meat native to Solo with a more dilute sauce than gule. The original idea was to serve goat meat at affordable prices so that it could be enjoyed by the majority by utilizing leftover parts that had been processed into Satay, Gule and Tongseng. This section consists of the head, ribs, bones of the leg bones sometimes also include the innards. There are two types of tengkleng cooking models in Solo, fresh tengkleng with yellow spices and cooking tengkleng which take basic ingredients from fresh tengkleng and season them again to produce a spicier and more concentrated flavor. Many places in Solo serve this tengkleng process, one of which brings a fresh and phenomenal tengkleng menu in Solo is tengkleng Bu Edi Pasar Klewer. The exact position is in front of Pasar Klewer under the PB X gate. A simple stall that doesn’t even have a table, is only available for chicken noodle stalls. Because of this phenomenal Tengkleng Solo, an incomplete term to Solo without enjoying tengkleng dishes here. One of the unique things here, tengkleng is served to buyers by using banana leaf pincuk, which is combined to prevent the occurrence of broth leaks, it turns out that not only pecel is capped. With the pincuk, the tengkleng sauce can be sipped and certainly does not need a place to wash dishes, besides that, the leaves of banana leaves are believed to add delicious aroma to the dishes. The Tengkleng itself has been prepared in 4 large pots filled with pieces of goat bone and floating red chilies, every buyer who comes to live is taken from the pot even though the queue will still be served quickly.

The stall itself is open starting at 1:00 p.m. before the opening hours are crowded, buyers gather in line waiting to open, because of the hectic buyers, this tengkleng Solo Bu Edi Klewer does not take long to finish his wares. At present Bu Edi’s tengkleng stall has been managed by the next generation and remains the prey of goat meat lovers. Let’s go to Solo along with the WisataSolo.ID Car Rental 0818186285 and WisataSolo Motorbike Rental 0818186285 get the best culinary experience. 

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