wedang dongo

Wedang Dongo Solo’s Special Drink

Solo special drinks – One more Solo drink that can warm the body which is also worth your try when visiting Solo, the name is Wedang Dongo. Although the name is Wedang Dongo, it does not mean that Dongo is like a non-standard language to declare someone stupid but this is only for naming it. A long time ago Wedang Dongo was a drink devoted to the royal family. But now this wedang has become a drink for the Solo community and tourists visiting this city. Wedang Dongo is almost similar to wedang round, both the filling and the sauce are also similar. But in the round of rounds you will find rounds that are larger but in larger numbers, while the wedang dongo is smaller. Then what distinguishes Wedang Dongo and Wedang Ronde is that in Wedang Ronde there is a form of plain bread while on Wedang Dongo you will not find it.

This Wedang is spread in every corner of the city of Solo, but there is one wedang dongo shop that should be a recommendation for you. It’s called wedang Dongo Keprabon. The stall located in the Keprabon area is precisely on Jalan Teuku Umar, Solo. You will find the shape of this stall different from the other stalls around it, if the other stalls are one-tented then this stall has two red and white colors striking on the tent and reads the name of this shop. So if you have trouble finding this place, this can also be the stall tent that is the benchmark. This stall, which has been open for 20 years, has been held by a second generation named Bu Naniek Yulianti. When you first arrive you will be greeted by the smile of the friendly and friendly shop owner as if this is an added value for this shop. This wedang here is famous for its very delicious roses and the combination of kolang kaling stuffing, roasted peanuts, and other stuff makes this drink even more delicious and delicious especially if you drink it at night. Moreover, you come here with office friends, spouse, and family, while enjoying a wedang dongo accompanied by a long chat that will make you forget the time.

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